What is sales experience and how to get it

Why sales experience is important
Sales experience is necessary for improving your win rate. The more deals you push through your sales pipeline, the more you start to establish a method that works for you. For teams, the more experienced sales representatives there are, the better the sales revenue. Skills accumulated at a sales job, like communication, social, and time management skills, are useful in our personal and professional lives in general.

Sales experience in B2B selling
In general, the above examples are of B2C selling. More and more of today’s sales people, however, are working in B2B sales. B2B sales experience is different from that of B2C in that it involves selling to other businesses rather than directly to consumers. B2B sales tend to have higher value deals, longer sales cycles, and more complexity (in other words, going through more decision-makers before closing).

Delving deeper into the specifics, sales representative positions can be broken down into these two categories:

Inside sales
Inside selling is when sales reps prospect leads, build relationships with them, and convert them into customers—all from their desk. Inside sales reps use email, phones, video, virtual meetings, and social media to connect with clients. Their schedule is usually a bit more predictable, with daily goals laid out for them.

Outside sales
Outside sales reps typically travel to close deals face-to-face. However, the lines between the positions blur a bit here. You see, outside sales also involves selling remotely about half the time. A rep with outside sales experience has sold products at in-person meetings, dinners, industry events, and conferences.

When you have no sales experience
Are you looking to transition to a sales job from a completely different industry? Perhaps you’re a sales manager who feels they’ve found the right candidate that fits perfectly on the team—minus the fact that they’ve never sold a product? Not to worry; everyone has to start somewhere! Just because someone has no formal sales experience doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes to close a deal.


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