Simple Tips to Close More Sales and Make More Money

In fact the toughest part of running a business—either a small or big business—is managing the sales process. A business that cannot sell will be wiped out of the market place. Sales equal income and if you cannot persuade people to buy from you, then you out of business.

One of the mistakes many small businesses make is that they place too much emphasis on their products and services instead of marketing, sales and customer service.


This is the first step in the sales process which involves identifying your target market. Who is your customer? What are the specific needs or problems of your ideal customer? Where can your customer be located? You have to be clear about who your target customer is!

Next you have to go for the gold! Go and search at areas where you can find your customer. Go to events, conferences, seminar, Facebook Book groups, Linkedln groups, Twitter, Google Plus and any possible place you can find your ideal customers! Identify them.


Once you identify your ideal customer, the next step is to connect with them. Sales is all about building relationships. To build relationships, you have to connect and link up with people. You have to get in touch with them. Sales is not a passive game! You have to connect!

You can go by face-to-face. You can also leverage digital sales conversation channels such as your phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Linkendln Messenger, Twitter Messenger, Skype and any communication medium to get in touch. Introduce yourself, have the first meeting and get on the second level of connecting.


Once you connect, you have to explore.

You have to find out the unique needs of the potential customer. You have to explore. You have to build rapport by asking good questions that will make the customer tell you things about his/her needs and problems in relation to your offers.

Note that selling is not telling! We have one mouth, two ears and two eyes. To close more sales and make more money in business, you have to explore. To do this, you have to ask good questions, listen more and observe more! If you can’t do this, forget about the sales!


It’s only when you ask good questions which enables you explore the customer that you can do a good sales presentation. You have to listen attentively to the customer first instead of focusing on your product features and benefits.

Customers today have a lot of alternatives. They can choose whom to buy from. If you want to close more sales, then it means you have to always be caring (ABC)! To always be caring, you have to understand each customer and leverage your expertise to advice him/her on how to solve his/he problem instead of pushing stuffs on him/her.

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